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Welcome to the TTUHSC Contracting web site.

NEW Contract Management System Training
Beginning September 1, 2015, the Contracting Office will be introducing a new Contract Management System.
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Please review the following information that answers the question: When do I use the Purchasing System vs. the Contracting System? Contracting vs. Purchasing Flowchart

The Contracting System provides instant access to related Laserfiche Documents directly from the Contracting Website (in Adobe PDF format): 

From the "Search Contracts" link (left margin), find the contract(s) you wish to view.  After getting a list of results, click on the Contract Number of the row you are interested in viewing and you will be taken to a page that will display the contract detail information (read-only).  Any related laserfiche documents will be shown (the Laserfiche document name will be shown as a hyperlink) in the Laserfiche Documents box in the upper right corner of the contract detail page.  Click on any of the Laserfiche links to retrieve that document file from the laserfiche repository. 

The documents will be in PDF format, so you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader intalled on your machine.  There is a link near the bottom of this page where you can download Adobe Reader. 

A link to the full Laserfiche WebLink client is still available in the Contracting "Links & Manual" page. 

Please send questions or feedback regarding this site to the Contracting Office