TTUHSC : Contracting
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Requesting IRS Form W-9 Information
Revised 10/21/09

It is necessary for TTUHSC to have current "IRS Form W-9" information in order to make payments to the correct payee at the correct payee address, and to accurately report those payments to the IRS.

Therefore, when preparing expense contracts and their amendments and renewals, the Contract Manager (see OP 54.02) should obtain current W-9 information from the Agency/Vendor/payee.

That current W-9 information should be included with the contract documents that are routed to the Contracting Office.

Contracting Office will review that current W-9 information and may forward that information to Purchasing Office personnel in Lubbock so that appropriate and current Agency/Vendor/payee W-9 information is correctly recorded in the Banner system and is archived.

The responsible Contract Manager (see OP 54.02) may use the W-9 FORMS provided on the TTUHSC Acccounting Services webpage to obtain current W-9 information from the Agency/Vendor/payee.

Inquiries about the collection and the uses of W-9 information by TTUHSC should be directed to Patty Conner in "Business Affairs", email, telephone 806-743-7826.