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Request to Use TTUHSC Premises - OP #61.07

If you experience any difficulties filling out this form, please contact Johnny Castellano at 743-2952.

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Sponsor Information:

Requested TTUHSC Premises:

(request no later than two (2) business days prior to activity)

Please complete the following questions regarding the area requested for use:

  1. Specific location of area requested:
    (ex: 2AB South elevator landing outside cafeteria, outside ACB150)
  2. Nature of function/event:
    • If other, please specify:
  3. Type of sales involved/food served:
  4. Benefiting organization/group/charity:

    • If other, please specify:
  5. Amplification Equipment needed (speakers and microphone)?

Requested Day(s), Date(s), Time(s):


**If special assistance is required, please check the appropriate box below and provide the details.

(Please include details.)

(Electrical or other assistance.)

(Set-up/restoration or other assistance.)

Health, Liability and Safety Responsibility:

The Sponsoring Organization understands and accepts full responsibility and provides assurances that the Request to Use TTUHSC Premises on the campuses of TTUHSC meets all health, financial, liability and safety requirements of the institution, city and county of the campus, lawas of the State of Texas and policies outlined in the Student Affairs Handbook, "Use of University Space, Facilities and Amplification Equipment" and HSC OP 61.07.