Finance Division COVID-19 Operations Q&A


How do I maintain segregation of duties and internal controls when processing deposits and cash receipts?

As with any workable solution related to managing operations in this new COVID-19 environment, communication, creativity and flexibility will be key factors in developing depositing processes with adequate internal controls. For example, if two individuals are normally involved in opening checks received in the mail, a creative solution might be for these two individuals to attend an online Zoom meeting as the mail is opened and deposits are recorded by both individuals. The final solution will vary dependent upon available personnel, operations and managerial oversight for each collection and deposit processing point. It is important that the appropriate Vice President, Dean or Regional Dean with responsibility over operations that include collection and deposit processing points approve COVID-19 deposit processing procedures since these individuals bear the responsibility for general oversight to foster an environment that ensures adequate internal controls for their respective areas. Additionally, fund managers are ultimately responsible for management of their funds, including establishing internal controls at the department level and verifying that deposits are properly posted to their funds.

Do I need to create a new fund in order to track COVID-19 related expenses?

No, creation of a new fund is generally not necessary. TTUHSC has created an organization code, 201330 - COVID 19 Coronavirus, that can be used with your existing funds. However, before an existing fund can be utilized, a budget revision will be necessary in order to establish a budget in the newly created organization code. Additional guidance on using this new organization code is available here.

Where do I take departmental cash receipts to ensure they are properly deposited?

Abilene Campus

Deposits are handled on an “as needed” basis.  Departments needing to make cash deposits can contact Ruth Austin at 325-696-0406, email:, to make arrangements for deposit processing.

Amarillo Campus

Cash Receipts for payments and contract revenue can be delivered to the Business Office between 7am and 12pm for daily deposit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brooke Duke at

Lubbock Campus

Departmental Cash Receipts can be dropped in the drop box located in the basement of 4th Street next to the Parking office. During this time of working remotely we are checking this box routinely through the week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Student Business Services at

Permian Basin Campus

Cash Receipts for payments and contract revenue can be delivered to the Business Office between 8 am and 12pm for daily deposit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terry Hurt at

Can a TTUHSC department individually apply for Local, State or Federal COVID-19 disaster grant or relief funding?

No, any request for disaster relief funding will be coordinated at the Institutional level.  This process is ever evolving and TTUHSC administration is working with Local, State and Federal authorities to determine availability of funding and application requirements/procedures. However, each department/fund manager with expenses to the COVID-19 organization code should expect to support the Institutional claim process by providing detailed information on expenses claimed for their respective funds.

General Services

How are mail services affected during Phase 4?

Abilene Campus

  • Staff will be onsite between 2-4pm M-F to sort and deliver packages and mail.
  • Security will provide access for deliveries to be placed in main receiving area.
  • Outgoing FedEx, UPS, and LSO - Departments must use drop boxes in the community for outgoing packages.
  • Special Deliveries: Departments will be responsible to be onsite to accept a delivery. If they cannot be onsite, please postpone the delivery.

Amarillo Campus

  • Regular mail processing and delivery will be performed before 8am and after 5pm daily in the SOM/SHP building and WHRI only. All other buildings (SOP, PAC, and ARB) should come to the Mail Room and their mail will be left in bins outside the mailroom in tubs.
  • Clinic deliveries: Will continue as normal, especially temperature sensitive packages.
  • Freight Delivery: 9:30am-2:00pm M-F with normal staffing. Reduction of freight delivery is expected at some time, and hours will be reduced as deliveries diminish. Freight personnel have moved from the first floor to the basement mailroom. All freight delivery will be directed to the SOM building (1400 Coulter) dock area.

Dallas Campus

  • Mail will have normal delivery and will be delivered to Suite 545.
  • Open normal hours: M-F 8am-5pm.
  • Chris Yancey will notify personnel and tenants to pick up their mail in Suite 545.
  • UPS/FedEx: signs have been posted and deliveries will be rerouted to Suite 545. Personnel can pick up and drop off packages daily.

Lubbock Campus

  • Receiving/Mail (BA085, loading dock on the east side of the 3604 4th Street HSC building) will be open daily from 8am-5pm. Hours may change as volumes diminish.
  • Mail, FedEx, UPS, LSO and Staples items are normally received in the morning and organized by stop number. Bring your Employee Badge, a cart and stop number(s).
  • Options are available for scanning and emailing mail, and email notification of packages is available by tracking number. See this link for additional information on scanning options.
  • Please complete this form to identify a contact person for each stop. We cannot process items differently based on individual names.
  • Outgoing mail, FedEx and other carriers will be processed daily. Bring any outgoing items to BA085.

Permian Basin Campus

  • Mail deliveries will continue to departments that have staff onsite. General Services has contacted each department to see who will be onsite.
  • Staff will be onsite M-F 8am-2pm.
  • Mail staff will deliver mail to departments onsite.
  • UPS, FedEx and LSA mail will be delivered to the back entrances of all clinics to limit exposure.

Mail delivery accommodations: Mail staff will store deliveries in a vacant space until departments return or call for a pick up.

How are copying, printing and related services affected during Phase 4?

We will not be servicing copiers. If paper and toner are needed call 743-2092 and items will be made available to pick up in receiving. For remote assistance on copier issues, email

Other Services

Shred, Printing, Bulk Mail, Surplus/Movers and personal postage sales are closed. Vehicle rental will be available for emergencies only. We will try to assist with pagers in Receiving, but going straight to Stenocall is an option – 806.762.0811.

NOTE: Do NOT order any item that is not Mission Critical during a pandemic!

Please postpone delivery of any large freight items.

Please email with any questions or concerns. Since we have so many different phone numbers, we are having difficulty forwarding phones. The best way to reach us is by email.


What is the status of the new Reserved Parking options on the Lubbock campus?

Lubbock Parking Services is in the process of implementing new reserved parking options for faculty and staff.  Those of you who requested a Reserved Space have been contacted by Parking Services and have selected your specific space.  Anyone who has not contact Parking Services but is interested in Reserved options, may contact to learn more.

We will begin distribution of new permits as soon as they are printed. We are also waiting on the completion of job orders for painting and signage changes to identify the new Reserved Parking areas. Changes to your parking rates will not occur until everything is completed. We are hopeful that these Reserved parking areas will be ready for use when everyone returns to campus.  Any areas that are ready, may be utilized immediately.  Again, changes to the actual parking rates will not be effective until after everyone has returned to campus and all necessary painting and signage tasks have been completed.

How are parking rates effected on Regional Campuses?

The Regional Campus Parking services will not change parking rates at this time. If you have any questions, please contact Parking Services on your campus.


What can I do to have documents and forms signed when in the remote working environment?

The Contracting, Purchasing and Accounts Payable Offices can send forms on your behalf with your clear communication of the requirements.

**If you need assistance to route something by eSign because of COVID-19 remote work limitations, please reach out to; or**

Additionally, If you'd like to personally route your documents for Esignature, contact IT to request a "free" Enterprise Adobe Sign license. IT Contact:

Do we still need PCard deviations when purchasing for COVID-19 items?

Yes,  please submit all deviation request to

Is purchasing working TechBuy Orders?

Yes, the purchasing team is working remotely and processing all TechBuy requisitions.

How do we send in our PCard reconciliations?

Please send them electronically to

What if the file you're emailing to PCard containing your reconciliation log is too large to send?

Please make sure you scan your document as a PDF.  If it is still too large, please send multiple emails.

What if I need to send a refund to PCard, either as cash or check?

Please send to PCard MailStop 6283. Cash/Checks will be received and deposited.

How will I submit PCard expense reports if I am not able to get my report signed by my approver?

Electronic signatures are acceptable.  If you are not able to acquire electronic signatures, email your report to your approver for their review.  The Approver will email your report to, stating “I approve” and this will suffice as signature approval during this time. 

Property Management

Will the deadline for the Annual Certification of Departmental Inventory be extended?

Because of the transition to Phase IV of our Emergency Remote Work Operational Phases, the deadline for the Annual Certification of Inventory has been extended to July 31, 2020. We will continue to monitor operational processes and will evaluate further extension of the deadline as necessary. For questions, contact Property Management at

Will I receive tags for newly purchased computers and other equipment?

When receiving and invoicing for newly purchased computers and other equipment is complete, inventory numbers will be assigned and entered into the Property Inventory System. Tags will be mailed from Property Management to appropriate departments on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. For questions, contact Property Management at


Will I receive a refund of tuition and fees for Spring 2020?

We understand the financial impacts of COVID-19 and that refunds are an important issue. Currently, our main priority is to keep students, faculty and staff safe while we continue to provide instruction online. While we continue to consider all areas, it has been determined that Spring 2020 tuition and mandatory fees will not be credited. Course specific special instruction fees may be credited if the school determines students were unable to participate in a given course/clinical/lab experience.

The administration will continue to review and determine if credits will be issued for any of the fees for Summer 2020. Updates will continue to be announced and posted at

Will I receive a refund of tuition and fees for Summer 2020?

TTUHSC understands the financial concerns students may have at this time, the decision to move forward with their education and the investment they are making toward their education. TTUHSC Administration has made a commitment to provide the following refunds to students for Summer 2020 for the fees listed below:

  • Recreation Center Fee - 100% reimbursement
  • Student Union Fee - 100% reimbursement
  • Student Services Fee - 50% reimbursement

The Office of Student Business Services is working on issuing these important credits to students. If you have already made payment in full on your summer account, a refund will be issued for these fee credits.

Course specific special instruction fees may be credited if the school determines students were unable to participate in a given course/clinical/lab experience.

Updates will continue to be announced and posted on this page.