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Our business applications are sponsored and managed by various Business Affairs functional departments.  If you have questions or need to report an issue, please contact the appropriate department listed in the Help section of the application or under "Support Contact" for the application below. 

If you have a time sensitive issue and cannot reach the listed support contact, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. 


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Name Description Support Contact
Cash Receipts Process cash deposits, post data to the financial system.
Contracting System Enter new contracts and revisions, track contract documents, and submit new Accounts Receivables for contracts.
Fee Waivers TTUHSC online fee waiver request submission site for TTUHSC departments to set up and submit fee waivers.
Fleet Certification System Online certification of TTUHSC Fleet credit card expenses by vehicle custodians, administration by Fleet.
Merchant Account Request new or maintain existing merchants for accepting credit cards.
PO and Encumbrance Change Requests Request changes to existing PO or Encumbrance.  TTU & System:
Property Inventory View and maintain inventory including transfers, removals, and surplus. TTU & System:
Parking Services Handles employee, faculty, and staff parking permits, waiting lists, and citations.
Student Short Term Loans Online submission and processing of TTUHSC student short term and emergency tuition loans.
Travel Process Travel Reimbursements, from pre-trip applications to post-trip reimbursement. TTU & System:
Vendor Payments Query payments made to vendors, including scheduled payments, payment history, and outstanding encumbrances.  TTU & System: