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April 7, 2016

Guidelines for Return of Goods


When vendor invoices are received in Accounts Payable, AP verifies against receiving in TechBuy. If the items on the invoice do not match the goods or services on the receipt, AP comments on the Purchase Order asking for additional receiving information or information about returned items from the submitting department. If an item is returned to the vendor, it is the department's responsibility to notify the vendor and request a credit memo.

When goods must be returned to a vendor any comment that you make in TechBuy does not go to the vendor. To send a comment to Accounts Payable through TechBuy ensure you select Accounts Payable - TTUHSC as a recipient. Emails can also be sent directly to Follow the guidelines below to ensure proper notice to vendor, proper invoicing and payment of items actually received.


To return goods/services to a vendor: Complete receiving only for other good/services received and comment in the receipt the item returned regardless of method below. Include in the comment the reason for the returned goods/ services. The line status on the receipt of returned or canceled good/services is not currently configured for communication. Please do not use at this time.

  • The preferred method to ensure proper handling of the return is to notify the vendor of the returned item immediately and ask for a credit against the Purchase Order. Comment in the receipt with the response from the vendor. Then re-order the item from the vendor.
  • Item is returned and not re-ordered or re-shipped. Notify the Vendor and ask for a credit to be applied against the Purchase Order. Comment on the PO with the response from the Vendor.
  • Reshipments or replacements can result in duplicate orders and invoices. Preference is for all returns to be credited and new orders to be placed for the items. Great care must be taken to adequately communicate with all parties, vendor, Accounts Payable and Purchasing. Use the comments tab on the TechBuy PO to record activity and responses.
  • Do not close open orders for which a credit memo has been requested until the credit memo has been posted.

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