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October 14, 2016

New Process for Sending Invoices / Credit Memos

Invoices received by departments ready to be processed must be submitted by attaching through TechBuy Comments instead of sending them by campus mail or email. This process does not include invoices with patient information and/or personal information. Email if you have any questions about how to send invoices that contain patient and/or personal information.

When attaching an invoice through TechBuy Comments:

  • Name the file the invoice number.
  • Note the invoice and receipt number in the body of the comment.
  • Add as the email recipient
  • Remove (uncheck) any recipient that should not receive the comment.

NOTE: It is very important that is selected as the recipient when sending invoices through TechBuy or the message will not be forwarded to Accounts Payable.

This process helps Accounts Payable with processing invoices in a timely manner while allowing departments to view and verify all payment information related to a purchase order in TechBuy. This will also help alleviate lost invoices. Departments are responsible for maintaining all original documentation within their department.

Receiving Reminder

Remove Items not Received - When good and/or services are received by the department, but not all line items from the PO are received, the department must "Remove" any line items not received before completing the receipt. If the line item amount is changed to zero (or left at zero), the receipt will show the item as "received", causing invoices to be processed for goods and/or services not yet received by the department.

The "Receipt Date" field is the date the goods/services were received and not the invoice date or the date the invoice was received.

Goods = Quantity Receipt
Services = Cost Receipt

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