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August 2, 2017

Accounts Payable FY 17 Reminders

Year End Deadlines: (For goods and services already received)
September 8th (Friday) - FY 17 Invoices and REceiving due in TechBuy

When receiving in TechBuy, enter your receipt date as the date the goods were actually received or the last date the service was provided.

Invoices must be attached to the PO Comments in TechBuy. Name the invoice file the Invoice Number and add as the email recipient.


  • Date stamp invoice(s) on the date received
    • Emailed invoices should include the email when sending the invoice to AP to be processed.
  • Validate goods/services on the invoice are in agreement with the PO.
  • Enter Receiving receipt(s) when the goods and/or services are received.
    • Do not wait for the invoice and/or a request from AP to complete receiving receipts.
  • Verify enough funds are encumbered on the PO before forwarding the invoice.
  • Attach invoice and any other pertinent documentation to the PO Comments and select as the email recipient.

Late Payment Interest Rate Increase for FY18
(Current rate is 4.50 percent)

The interest rate the state pays on a late payment to a vendor under the State's Prompt Payment Law will be 5.25 percent for FY18.

Forward all invoices to Accounts Payables in a timely manner to avoid late payment interest.

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