Purchasing Card

June 5, 2018

Purchasing Card Training Module

CitiBank Expense Report

Transactions from 5/4/18 through 6/1/18

Tuesday, June 5th
The May Expense Report is available to print Today, June 5th.

Thursday, June 14th
FOAP reallocations and descriptions to be updated in Citi must be processed by noon on June 14th.

Friday, June 29th
The expense report with all supporting documentation is due for review by June 29th.

*Please review the Checklist to ensure all required documentation is sent.

Click Here for Checklist

Mail to:
PCard Reviews
Payment Services LBK STOP 6283


If you are unsure if you need a deviation, please email pcard@ttuhsc.edu before making the purchase.

***Post Payment Review Process***

If reports are not received by the last business day of the month, and/or there is documentation missing in order to complete the review, the card will be suspended.

We welcome your feedback!

Please email your questions or suggestions to: pcard@ttuhsc.edu

P-Card Update

September 18, 2017

Citibank Expense Report

Click here for the PCard Expense Report - CitiBank System Update

P-Card Announcement

July 31, 2017

PCard and Travel Training Session

The PCard and Travel departments conducted a training session on July 20, 2017.  Please see below for links to the recorded video, PowerPoint and handouts that were available at the training. 

If you have additional questions please contact PCard PCard@ttuhsc.edu or Travel Travel@ttuhsc.edu

PCard and Travel Video
PCard and Travel PowerPoint
PCard Handout
Travel CheckList

P-Card Update

October 14, 2016

Prohibited Purchases

  • Awards and Prizes (see OP 72.03)
  • Chemicals and Other Potentially Hazardous Materials
  • Consulting, Medical Services, Personal or Professional Services
  • Controlled Assets
  • Donations, Contributions and Sponsorships
  • E Bay Purchases
  • Individual Amazon Prime Accounts
  • Lease or Rental of Space
  • Medical Licenses for States Other Than the State of Texas
  • Notary Applications
  • Payments to Patient/Study Participants
  • PayPal Services
  • Supplies (require use of Institutional Supply Contract)
  • Temporary Personnel
  • Travel Related Purchases
  • Uniforms (includes lab coats)
  • Blocked Vendors
  • In-State Sales Tax, including Tax on Carry-Out or Delivered Meals

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Additional Guidance

  • Prohibited Purchases on State and Federal Funds: Alcohol, Flowers, Food and Entertainment, Membership Dues, Promotional Items
  • Purchases for Food and Entertainment Must be Documented Using Food and Entertainment Substantiation Form and Pre-Approval Form
  • Alcoholic Beverages May Only be Served on Campus at Appropriate Events with Prior Written Approval of President or Designee
  • Purchases of all software and software licenses must be approved by IT. Request for approval can be made through Purchasing@ttuhsc.edu or PCard@ttuhsc.edu and evidence of approval must be submitted with the expense documentation.
  • Purchases Not Available From a Contracted Vendor Must Have Approval from Purchasing
  • Ship To Location Other Than TTUHSC Address Requires Approval from Purchasing
  • Organization Must be on the Professional Membership List for Payment of Membership Dues
  • Gifts for Length of Service Including Retirement (< $400) and Non-Cash Gifts for Donors or Participants of Official Functions - must include OP 72.03 Attachment B

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Permitted Purchases

  • Permitted Purchases of $5,000 or Less Must be Made Using PCard Subject to Vendor Accepting Credit Cards
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Flowers for Official TTUHSC Functions or for Employees and Immediate Family Members in Cases of Illness or Death
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Hand Held Computer Devices Less Than $500
  • Books (if not available through an institutional contract in TechBuy)
  • Equipment (if not available through an institutional contract in TechBuy)
  • Advertising in Out-of-State Newspapers and Online for Staff Recruitment
  • Accreditation, Certification and Examination Fees
  • Magazine/Journal Subscriptions
  • Membership Dues
  • Professional License Fees
  • Registration Fees

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