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March 2024 Expense Reports

  • 03/04 - 03/08/2024 = MAR24 WEEK 1: Due 03/22/2024
  • 03/11 - 03/15/2024 = MAR24 WEEK 2: Due 03/29/2024
  • 03/18 - 03/22/2024 = MAR24 WEEK 2: Due 04/05/2024
  • 03/25 - 03/29/2024 = MAR24 WEEK 2: Due 04/12/2024

Important Reminders

  • Expense Type - Allocations -
    • Promotional Items - This expense type should only be selected when purchasing large quantities of items to promote TTUHSC. (Pens, note pads, etc.) Promotional items typically have the TTUHSC logo which must be approved by Communications & Marketing prior to using the PCard. Please email purchasing@ttuhsc.edu to ensure your request is routed properly for approvals.
    • Conference Food - This expense type should only be selected when TTUHSC is hosting a conference or similar event.
    • Entertainment - This expense type should only be selected when the expenses support a future benefit to TTUHSC. Examples include expenses for faculty recruitment and for cultivating potential donors or relationships. Other Entertainment such as student and team building events require a deviation approval from Purchasing.
    • Official Function - This expense type should only be selected when functions are established events that are held for the purpose of institutional enhancement. Generally, they include institutional receptions, retreats, retirements, grand rounds and graduation events.
  • Unsure what is allowed, prohibited, or requires additional guidance? -Please visit the Purchasing Card Checklist - This is a great reference tool for beginners or as a refresher. If you have any questions, please contact pcard@ttuhsc.edu or purchasing@ttuhsc.edu before making the purchase.
  • State Vendor Hold Search Requirement - Before using the PCard for purchases greater than $500.00, Texas Government Code Section 2252.903 requires that the cardholder verify if the potential vendor is indebted to the State of Texas and identified as being on Warrant Hold Status at https://fmcpa.cpa.state.tx.us/tpis/. A screenshot of the Vendor Hold Search result must be attached to the expense report as verification the vendor was not on hold status at the time of purchase. The Vendor Hold Search must be done the day the transaction is processed, and not more than 7 days prior.

    The PCard cannot be used if the vendor's name and city/state match the Vendor Hold Search list.

    Helpful Links

    PCard Purchasing Guidelines

    PCard Website: https://www.fiscal.ttuhsc.edu/paymentservices/pcard/

    Chrome River SSO Link: http://chromeriver.texastech.edu/

    For account questions, email PCard@ttuhsc.edu

    For system questions, email ChromeRiverHSC@ttuhsc.edu



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