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Payment Information

Credit Card Service Fee

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will be implementing a service fee program beginning April 3, 2017 and will apply to student account payments made via credit card on or after that date.

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Tuition for TTUHSC courses can be paid in full or through installments with payment plans. Each payment option will have specific due dates based on each term.

Payment Plans

TTUHSC installment plans for the payment of tuition and fees are available. Payment plans are not elected through Touchnet (eBill). Detailed information regarding due dates are located below by specific school and term.

How do you choose a payment plan?

  1. Pay the first installment due of 50% of your total balance due for the term plus a $25 billing fee. (After entering credit card information, the amount being paid can be keyed on the next screen)
  2. Make sure that you have completed a Student Payment Agreement with TTUHSC. (This is typically completed during the online registration process)
  3. Monitor your email account for notifications of subsequent installment payment due dates.

Payment Plan Instructions       

  1. Log into your webraider portal
  2. Go to your eBill through your HSC MyTech tab
  3. Click on Make A Payment
  4. Select the term
  5. Highlight the full amount of your tuition in the box
  6. Delete and type in the amount you need to pay
  7. Click continue and enter your payment information
  8. Continue to make payments on time to avoid late fees

School of Health Professions

Spring 2017
Full Summer 2017
Summer I 2017
Summer II 2017
Fall 2016

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Spring GBS 2017
Spring GMD 2017
Spring GPH 2017
Summer GBS 2017
Summer GMD 2017
Summer GPH 2017
Fall GBS 2016
Fall GMD 2016
Fall GPH 2016

School of Medicine

School of Medicine: 1st year 2016-2017
School of Medicine: 2nd year 2016-2017
School of Medicine: 3rd and 4th year 2016-2017
School of Medicine Advanced Track: 2nd year 2016-2017

School of Nursing

Spring 2017
2nd Degree / VBSN Spring 2017

Full Summer 2017
Nursing Traditional Summer 2017
Summer I 2017
Summer II 2017
Fall 2016

Nursing Traditional Fall 2016

School of Pharmacy

Spring 2017
Summer I 2017
Fall 2016
Fall 1st year 2016

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect board policies, administrative regulations and procedures, state law amendments, and fee changes.