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P-Card Update

April 7, 2014


Transactions from 3/04/14 through 4/03/14

April 7th (Monday)
The Expense Report is available to print starting April 7th.

April 16th (Wednesday)
FOAP reallocations and descriptions to be updated in Citi must be processed by Noon CST on April 16th.

April 30th (Wednesday)
The Expense Report with all supporting documentation is due for review by April 30th.
*Please review the Checklist to ensure all required documentation is sent. Click Here for Checklist
Mail to: Lindsey Myers Payment Services LBK STOP 6283.

Note: The card will be suspended if the records are not received by the last business day of the month and/or there is documentation missing in order to complete the monthly review.

The Department Purchasing Card is the preferred method of payment for the below expenses.
If the vendor doesn't accept payment by credit card then these expenses can be paid using Direct Pay Forms in TechBuy.

Revised "fillable" documents are now located on the PCard website below.

*** Destroy all copies of the previous versions of these forms from your files. ***