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Purchasing Card Training Module

P-Card Update

August 27, 2014

ALERT - 7 More Business Days!!

You have only 7 business days until the Year-end Deadline for the September Cycle ending 09/03.

Keep in mind, transaction reallocations and expense descriptions (optional) can be done as soon as two days from the post date of any purchase. This means you can work on your transactions now through Friday, September 5th at 4PM CST.

If you are waiting until the cycle ends and all transactions are posted in Citi, they will only be available for allocation purposes for 2 days only (09/04 and 09/05 until 4PM CST).

GOAL: Error Free Upload

Note: The Expense description field (optional) will also be locked from editing at 4PM CST on September 5th.

P-Card Update

August 14, 2014

PCard Year End Deadlines FY 2014


24 Sun

25 Mon

26 Tues

27 Wed

28 Thurs

Last day to
purchase for
FY 14 to ensure posting on or before 09/03


29 Fri

Do not use the PCard

30 Sat

Do not use the PCard



31 Sun

Do not use the PCard





1 Labor
Do not use the PCard




2 Tues

Do not use the PCard

3 Wed

Do not use the PCard

Last day of the billing cycle for Sept.

4 Thurs

All transactions are available to allocate

You can start purchasing for FY 15!

5 Fri

Last day for FY 14
Allocations Due by 4PM CST

6 Sat

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