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P-Card Update

October 31, 2014

Personnel Changes

Lindsey Myers has resigned from her position as PCard Coordinator. Her last day with Payment Services will be Tuesday, November 4th. We wish her well in her new endeavor and thank her for the five years of dedicated service in managing the PCard Program.

A new email box has been set up to facilitate the timeliness and efficiency of responding to all communication with cardholders/users. Please email all questions/requests, regarding transaction declines, reset of passwords, credit limit increases, etc., to:

P-Card Update

October 6, 2014

October 2014 Citibank Expense Report

Transactions from 9/04/14 through 10/03/14

Monday, October 6th

The Expense Report is available to print starting October 6th.

Wednesday, October 15th

FOAP reallocations and descriptions to be updated in Citi must be processed by Noon CST on October 15th.

Friday, October 31st

The Expense Report with all supporting documentation is due for review by October 31st.
*Please review the Checklist to ensure all required documentation is sent.

Click Here for Checklist

Mail to:
Lindsey Myers Payment Services LBK STOP 6283.
El Paso Campus - Payment Services ELP-PCard

Note: The card will be suspended if the records are not received by the last business day of the month and/or there is documentation missing in order to complete the monthly review.

Reallocation Deadline

Before this deadline, the cardholder/user must login to Citi and verity the FOAP information for each purchase. The account code is used to reflect in Banner the transaction's true business purpose.
For example, most food expenses default to account code 7L0402 OL Business Meetings. If the expense was a recruitment meal, please ensure you update the account code in Citi before the reallocation deadline to 7L0600 OL Recruiting Expense.

It is the Department's responsibility to code the transactions in Citi to the proper account code before the deadline each month.

Listing of the most commonly used account codes in Citi.

We welcome your feedback!
Please email your questions or suggestions to: