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November 5, 2014

November 2014 Citibank Expense Report

Transactions from 10/04/14 through 11/03/14

Wednesday, November 5th
The Expense Report is available to print starting November 5th.

Friday, November 14th
FOAP reallocations and descriptions to be updated in Citi must be processed by Noon CST on November 14th.

Friday, November 28th
The Expense Report with all supporting documentation is due for review by November 28th.
*Please review the Checklist to ensure all required documentation is sent.

Click Here for Checklist
Mail to:
PCard Reviews Payment Services LBK STOP 6283
El Paso Campus - Payment Services ELP-PCard

Note: The card will be suspended if the records are not received by the last business day of the month
and/or there is documentation missing in order to complete the monthly review.

Department Holiday Party

(2) Each department is allowed one annual event, usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The expenditure for
the food is limited to a total cost not to exceed $25 per employee or $50 for employee and spouse/guest.

A department may choose to provide employees with hams or turkeys in lieu of a meal. Gift certificates cannot be purchased to distribute to employees that go to a supermarket to purchase a ham or turkey. Departments must coordinate with the vendor to allow employees to pick up the ham or turkey directly from the vendor's place of business with a vendor voucher. Departments are allowed to provide the meal or the hams/turkeys, but not both at the expense of the institution. The maximum cost for hams/turkeys is $20 each. This limitation is not intended to be interpreted that each employee must receive a value of $20. * United Supermarkets does offer turkey vouchers.

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