Featured Department

Student Business Services

Student Business Services is a small department that serves our students and works to make their experience as great as possible. We live our values all year by working hard as one team to go above and beyond to make sure our goals are met, using kindheartedness in the way we interact with each other, other departments, and the students that we serve, having integrity in our actions, and being innovative in the way we approach our duties. Normally we participate in team building challenges and fun activities to keep our values at the forefront of our work, but now we are having to think way outside of the box to make sure that our team stays as strong (and healthy) as ever! During this time of uncertainty, we have worked extremely hard to help and support each other while separated and working remotely. We have implemented weekly Zoom meetings, we connect via email, GroupMe, and instant messaging daily to make sure that everyone is included and doing well!

  • Karrie Anderson- Managing Director
  • Linda Wells- Unit Manager
  • Tabitha Baines- Associate Managing Director
  • Amanda Haygood- Lead Analyst
  • Melissa Buckley- Section Coordinator
  • Patricia Castillo- Senior Analyst
  • Misty Rangel- Analyst II
  • Alexis Gutierrez- Senior Analyst