Purchasing Card

November 2023 Expense Reports

  • 10/30 - 11/03/2023 = NOV 23 WEEK 1: Due 11/17/2023
  • 11/06 - 11/10/2023 = NOV 23 WEEK 2: Due 11/24/2023
  • 11/13 - 11/17/2023 = NOV 23 WEEK 3: Due 12/01/2023
  • 11/20 - 11/24/2023 = NOV 23 WEEK 4: Due 12/08/2023

Important Reminders

  • Holiday Events - Each department is allowed one annual event, usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas. The expenditure for the food is limited to a total cost not to exceed $35, not including tax and tips, per employee or $70, not including tax and tips, for employee and spouse/guest. A department may choose to provide employees with hams or turkeys in lieu of a meal.
  • PCard and Travel Admin - PCard and Travel are both experiencing high volumes of expense reports and travel vouchers within the Chrome River system. If you need assistance, please email the general inboxes listed below. This will ensure all questions are answered in a timely manner, as our Admins work through reports and any issues that may arise.
  • Sales Tax - TTUHSC is a state entity, and therefore exempt from the State of Texas sales tax. Per HSC OP 72.15:
    • State of Texas sales tax charged by a vendor must be corrected immediately by the cardholder by obtaining a credit from the vendor or personally reimbursing TTUHSC. The Tax Exemption Certification form can be found at http://www.fiscal.ttuhsc.edu/fsm/forms_home.aspx?category=pcard.
      Continuous abuse involving this practice may result in the cancellation of the card.
    • If you are charged sales tax, and the vendor will not refund the taxes, personal reimbursement should be sent to Payment Services, immediately AFTER you have submitted your expense report.

    Helpful Links

    PCard Purchasing Guidelines

    PCard Website: https://www.fiscal.ttuhsc.edu/paymentservices/pcard/

    Chrome River SSO Link: http://chromeriver.texastech.edu/

    For account questions, email PCard@ttuhsc.edu

    For system questions, email ChromeRiverHSC@ttuhsc.edu



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