Purchasing Card

April Transactions

The Final due date for April transactions is 5/17/2024

If you have outstanding transactions prior to April, the final due date for those expense reports is also 5/17/2024.

April / May 2024 Expense Reports

  • 04/29 - 05/03/2024 = MAY24 WEEK 1: Due 05/17/2024
  • 05/06 - 05/10/2024 = MAY24 WEEK 2: Due 05/24/2024
  • 05/13 - 05/17/2024 = MAY24 WEEK 3: Due 05/31/2024
  • 05/20 - 05/24/2024 = MAY24 WEEK 4: Due 06/07/2024
  • 05/27 - 05/31/2024 = MAY24 WEEK 5: Due 06/14/2024

Important Reminders

  • Expense report: Business Purpose and Descriptions - When entering information on your expense report, an appropriate business purpose is required for every transaction, and how it benefits TTUHSC. The description "monthly meeting" for a business lunch does not meet auditing requirements. Please explain what items were discussed, or provide an agenda. If you are buying items for clinic, research or repairs, etc., please do not reiterate what item was purchased, but rather provide a description of its use/how the purchase benefits TTUHSC.
  • Sales Tax Reimbursement -
    • When sending in reimbursement, please provide your report name and/or Chrome River report #. We must be able to look up your expense report to ensure the correct expense and FOP are reimbursed properly.
    • Please do not send cash, checks, or money orders to PCard until after your expense report has been submitted. When your expense report has been submitted and fully approved, a Banner Doc ID is generated, and this necessary for PCard Admin to process your reimbursement.
    • We cannot process your reimbursement until your expense report is fully approved and we have your report name/number. This is the only way to ensure the expense is properly reimbursed and reconciled.
    • Per HSC OP 72.15: State of Texas sales tax charged by a vendor must be corrected immediately by the cardholder by obtaining a credit from the vendor or personally reimbursing TTUHSC. Continuous abuse involving this practice may result in the cancellation of the card.
  • Entertainment & Events - If you are hosting a social event for students on or off campus, or holding a team building meeting, etc., please be aware events of this nature require a deviation approval from Purchasing as these types of entertainment events fall outside of TTUHSC Purchasing OP. Your expense report must include a deviation approval, a Pre-Approval form, and a Vendor Hold Search dated on the day the event occurs.
    • Per HSC OP 72.16: Entertainment expenses occur to support a future benefit to TTUHSC. Examples include expenses for faculty recruitment and for cultivating potential donors or relationships.

Helpful Links

PCard Purchasing Guidelines

PCard Website: https://www.fiscal.ttuhsc.edu/paymentservices/pcard/

Chrome River SSO Link: http://chromeriver.texastech.edu/

For account questions, email PCard@ttuhsc.edu

For system questions, email ChromeRiverHSC@ttuhsc.edu



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