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Student Business Services

Offering a central source for student account and billing information

Make a Payment - Student

To Review and Make a Payment on your Student Account.

Make a Payment - Authorized User

To Review and Make a Payment on a Student's account as an Authorized User.

Short Term Loans

For more information or to apply for a Short Term / Emergency Loan.

Due Dates

To check on Due Dates for Payments on your Tuition.


Get notifications via email or text when your Financial Aid is disbursed and/or when Exemptions and Waivers are updated to your individual student account.

It's easy to sign up for the service. Just follow these quick steps:

  • Login to the HSC Profile Database with your eRaider ID
  • Select Update Outreach
  • Scroll down to Student Notifications
  • For Student Business Service, please select the options of email, SMS (text) and/or voice
  • Click Finish

You will receive an automated email confirming all of your HSC Profile settings.

 Click the link below to Sign Up today:

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Student Business Services

Helping Hands Food Pantry

The TTUHSC Helping Hands Food Pantry is an ongoing endeavor of the TTUHSC community working together and with members of the Lubbock Community to fight and end food insecurity for the members of the TTUHSC family (students, staff and faculty). We are dedicated to ensuring that no member of the TTUHSC family goes hungry and that every member of our family has access to nutritious food.