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The Training Center offers documents and reference materials related to Business Affairs systems and processes. Use the search box below to search the documents by title and/or the category dropdown to filter for a specific category.

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9 Cash Receipts Submission Responsibilities

9 ecrt Responsibilities for Certifiers

9 ecrt Responsibilities for Effort Coordinators

9 Principal Investigator/Program Manager Financial Responsibilities

10 Contract Manager Responsibilities

10 ecrt Responsibilities for Principal Investigators

10 Fund Manager Responsibilities

10 Service Department Manager Responsibilities

10 Swift Cardholder Responsibilities

12 Business Traveler Responsibilities

12 Purchasing Cardholder and Fund Manager Responsibilities

12 Purchasing Responsibilities

13 Property Custodian Responsibilities

Account Code Prefix Descriptions

Account Types

Adding Catalog Items to a Cart in TechBuy

Adding Non-Catalog Items to a Cart in TechBuy (Forms)

Annual Property Certification Help

Approving and Rejecting Requisitions

Available Budget Tab in WebRaider

Bank Codes

Cart Management in TechBuy

Cash Fund Training

Cash Receipts Deposit Procedures Manual

Cash Receipts Features Training (Video)

Cash Receipts Help

Cash Receipts Intermediate Approvers Help

Cash Receipts Process Training (Video)

Cash Receipts Processing and Tracking

Cash Receipts Reversal Help

Certify My Statement in ecrt - Certifier Role (PDF)

Certify My Statement in ecrt - Certifier Role (Video)

Certify My Statement in ecrt - PI role (PDF)

Certify My Statement in ecrt - PI role (Video)

Chart of Accounts Levels

Citibank Travel Card - Application Procedures

Citibank Travel Card - Basics

Citibank Travel Card - Cardholder Logon Procedures

Citibank Travel Card - View Statements

Citibank Travel Card - Online Payments

Cognos Analytics - Introduction

Cognos Analytics - Overview Training

Cognos Analytics - Report Options

Cognos Analytics - Scheduling Reports

Cognos Analytics - User Settings

Completing the Travel Voucher

Completing the Requisition

Contract AR/Billing

Cost Transfer (CT) Quck Start Guide

Cost Transfer (CT) Training

Creating the Travel Application

Creating Comments, Notes and Attachments in TechBuy

Direct Pay Forms Tips

Document Prefixes

ecrt Basic Information and Work List Tasks

ecrt Effort Coordinator Training

Editing the Cart in TechBuy

Electronically Approving Travel Vouchers

Electronically Attaching Travel Documents

Electronically Signing Travel Documents

Entering FOAP Information in TechBuy

Finance Systems Model

Financial Manager Change Request Training

Financial Manager Quick Start Guide

Fund Attributes

Fund Hierarchy

Fund Name Change Quick Start Guide

Fund Name Change Training

Fund Quick Reference

Glossary of Terms

Guidelines for Capitalized and Controlled Items

Henry Schein Purchases

IBS Codes and Descriptions for ecrt

Interdepartmental Billing (IV) Quick Start Guide

Interdepartmental Billing (IV) Training

Internal Purchase Funding Transfers (PT) Quick Start Guide

Internal Purchase Funding Transfers (PT) Training

Introduction to TEAM/Resetting Your Password

Invoice Management System Training

Locating the Travel System

Manage, Reports and Administration Tabs in ecrt

My Content Tab in WebRaider

New Fund Request

PCard Training

PCard Banner Accounts

PCard Records Checklist

PCard Laserfiche Help

PCard Post Payment Review Process

PCard Training Questionnaire

PO/Encumbrance Change Request Help

Program Codes

Property Building List by Campus

Property Inventory Checklist

Property Inventory Help

Relationship Between Fund Balance and Budget

Reviewing the Travel Payment History

Reviewing the Travel Status History

Reviewing the Cart in TechBuy

Revenue Journal Vouchers (RT) Quick Start Guide

Revenue Journal Vouchers (RT) Training

Salary Caps and Effort Tasks in ecrt

Saving and Managing Searches in TechBuy (PDF)

Saving and Managing Searches in TechBuy (Video)

Swift Card - Getting Started

Swift Card - Nonresident Alien Withholding Chart

Swift Card System Training

TechBuy Systematic Order Validation

TEAM Financial Profile Reports

TEAM Financial Registration Help

TechBuy Account Codes and Budget Pools

TechBuy Basics

TechBuy Export Searches (PDF)

TechBuy Export Searches (Video)

TechBuy Guidelines for Use of Direct Pay Forms

TechBuy Job Aids

TechBuy Receiving (PDF)

TechBuy Receiving (Video)

TechBuy User Access/Financial Alternates Assignment

TechBuy User Profile

Terminate Fund Quick Start Guide

Terminate Fund Training

Travel Help

Travel Voucher Checklist

Travel Status Flowchart

Types of Document Searches in TechBuy (PDF)

Types of Document Searches in TechBuy (Video)

Vendor Query Help