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Add Room Number(s) To Property Inventory System

Application to Conduct Official Travel in a Personally-Owned or Leased Aircraft

Approval Form for Employee Reimbursement

Authorization to Serve Alcohol Form

Cash Fund Control Plan Form

Cash Fund Reimbursement Form

Check Cancellation Form (user must be logged into Cognos)

Citibank Travel Card Use Agreement Form

Consumable Supplies and Goods for Resale Form

Cost Transfer Form

Employee Mileage Record Form

Employee Non-Cash Awards, Prizes and Gifts Form

Exceptions to the Use of Contract Travel Services

Exception to Timely Deposit of Funds

Fabrication of Equipment Authorization

Food and Entertainment Substantiation Form

Foreign Pre-Approval Form

HSP Change Order Request for Contract Modifications

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

Installment Funding Transfer Form

Interagency Property Transfer from Texas State Agency

Invoice Form - Speaker

Invoice Form - Vendor

Justification for Late Invoices Form

Non-Compliance Form

Non-Employee Awards, Prizes and Gifts Form

PCard Missing Receipts Form

PCard Program Application

Pre-Approval Form for Official Functions

Property Transfer from Non-Texas University or Agency, or Private Institution

Release and Indemnity Agreement

Request to Add Property to Departmental Inventory

Research Participants/Patient Studies Payment Form

Sole Source or Proprietary Purchase Justification

Substantiation of Donations and Sponsorships Form

Swift Card User Setup and Request Form

Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption and Certificate

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification and Letter

TTUHSC Form W-9 for Grants

TTUHSC Purchasing Standard Contract Addendum

TTUHSC Tax Status Information

W-8 BEN E Form for Foreign Vendor Setup

W-8 BEN Form for Foreign Individuals Setup

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