Professional Associations

Finance Systems Management team members are active participants in several collaborative associations and serve in various roles - Committee Members, Program Chairs, Member Representatives, Product Coordinators, Board of Directors. Participation in these groups allows for collaboration with other Higher Education professionals across the country.

CoHEsion is a membership association for institutions of higher education that use and support Banner and related software. This consortium provides opportunities for professional knowledge sharing and growth in a collaborative community.

NPMA is a non-profit membership association for professionals who are responsible for the effective and efficient management of equipment, materials, and other moveable and durable assets for their organization.

TACUBO Asset Management Committee is an association of asset management professionals providing clear guidance and ensuring consistency in the accounting, reporting and management of assets for institutions of higher education within the State of Texas.

TCC is a collaborative association that enables higher education institutions to meet state reporting needs by providing Texas-specific solutions through sharing of resources of a single Solution Center.