To request a Mobile merchant, submit a merchant request via the Merchant Account Application using instructions summarized below. More information is also available on the Merchant Account Application Help document.

Section 1: Request Type - the submitter will select from the request types listed below, provide a request explanation, and indicate if the request will involve patient services/activity.

  • New Mobile Existing Merchant ID - select when adding a mobile device to an existing Merchant account.
  • New Mobile New Merchant ID - select this option if this is the first time accepting credit card payments using a mobile device, or if credit card fees need to post to a different FOP than what is listed on an existing merchant account.
  • Mobile Replacement - select when mobile device has been deemed inoperable by the Fiserv help desk, requiring a new device to be sent to the department.

Section 2: Merchant Information - the submitter will enter/select the Merchant Name, Merchant Description, Department Email, Primary Payment Card Manager (and secondary Payment Card Manager if one exists), Bank Code, Category, Expense FOP (Fund/Orgn/Prog code for payment of credit card fees), Estimated Annual Sales, Average Ticket, and the desired card types to be accepted.

Section 3: Terminal Information - the submitter will enter the mobile name, mobile description, physical address, and ship to address if different than physical address.

Once all the required fields are completed, the submitter clicks the "Submit" button to begin routing the request for the following approvals:

  • HSC Departmental Head
  • HSC Accounting Services

Once the request is approved by the Departmental Head, Accounting Services will work with Fiserv Inc. to establish the merchant account, associated Merchant IDs (MIDS), and order a mobile device (device will be pre-programmed to process departmental MID payments). The device will be shipped directly to the department for set up.

On average the setup process takes approximately 1-2 weeks to complete; however, processing time might take longer depending on time required for external sources to complete their portion of the request.

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