Merchant Setup


Credit card payments are accepted by TTUHSC departments using several solutions including Point-of-Sale (POS/terminal), eCommerce and Mobile.

TTUHSC participates in TTUS system-wide agreements for credit card acceptance. The system-wide agreement with Fiserv Inc. governs credit card processing for Point-of-Sale (POS/terminal) and Mobile merchant activity. The system-wide agreement with Touchnet governs credit card processing for eCommerce merchant activity. These system-wide agreements provide a secure credit-card processing framework designed to comply with TTUHSC policies and procedures. Accounting Services assists TTUHSC departments with merchant setup for these solutions.

On rare occasions, individual TTUHSC departments identify unique business needs that require credit card processing with vendors other than Fiserv Inc. and Touchnet. These solutions are referred to as 3rd party solutions and require special approval to ensure compliance with procurement, information technology, security and compliance policies and procedures related to credit card acceptance and payment processing. Departments utilizing approved 3rd party solutions are responsible for merchant setup within their respective departments.

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