Frequently Used Forms

Cash Fund Control Plan Form (CFCP) - Used to establish a change fund, and to increase/decrease existing change funds, per TTUHSC OP 50.21, Cash (Change) Funds

Cash Fund Reimbursement Form - Used to request replenishment of existing change funds due to loss, theft, etc.

Check Cancellation Form - Used to request stop pay/cancellation for outstanding/stale dated checks.

Cost Transfer Form (CT) - Used to process a cost transfer in the very limited circumstances when the Financial Transaction System (FiTS) cannot be used. Per TTUHSC OP 50.18, Cost Transfers, all requests to reallocate existing expenditures from one FOAP to another FOAP should be processed via the Financial Transaction System (FiTS)

Installment Funding Transfer Form (IFT) - Used in very limited circumstances to periodically transfer cash for amounts budgeted in budget pools 8001 and 8002 throughout the fiscal year rather than in one lump sum transfer at the time the budget is established.