Lubbock Parking Advisory Committee

A Lubbock Parking Advisory Committee has been formed to provide a communication link and participate in the decision of how the parking lot will be reconfigured when the construction site is fenced.

Members of the committee are listed below:

  • Administration - Bryce Looney, Manager for Presidential Services and Events
  • Faculty Senate - Michaela Jansen, Associate Professor
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Pam Johnson, Managing Director, Assistant Dean
  • School of Health Professions - Micheal West, Assistant Dean Finance and Administration
  • School of Medicine Patient Services - Dennis Lamb, Chief Experience Officer
  • School of Nursing - Karla Chapman, Associate Academic Dean
  • School of Pharmacy - Staci Moss, Assistant Professor
  • Staff Senate - Trace Moore, Programmer Analyst
  • Student Government Association - Cheyenne Mangold, SGA President