Quick Tip:

As a general rule, the correct method of Receiving in TechBuy can be determined by the lines on the Purchase Order. If a Purchase Order is set up as each (EA), month (MON), or if the lines are itemized at a fixed amount, a Quantity Receipt is required. If a Purchase Order is set up as a lot (LOT), job (JA), if the number of items/cost is not defined, or if the Purchase order is created as a Standing Order that will be invoiced as items or services are provided, a Cost Receipt is the appropriate receipt.

EA, MON = Quantity Receipt

LOT = Cost Receipt

  • Enter the receipt date as the date the goods were actually received, or the last date of service was provided.
  • Remove Zero amount Lines

Correct receiving allows efficient and correct processing of payments to TTUHSC Vendors.

Questions concerning receiving should be directed to Payment Services at