Elect to Pay Fees

I understand that upon submission I will be liable for the fees selected in the elect to pay application, for any fees that were previously waived on my account in order to utilize services. I further understand that making the election to pay any of the fees listed also requires the payment of the ID Card Fee in order to take effect. I do hereby exercise this option and I understand that this decision is irrevocable (non-refundable). I also understand that these amounts are based upon semester credit hours for which I am enrolled at the time of submitting this request. This form is only valid for the semester indicated.

I am fully aware that these selected fees will be on my account upon submission. I will be able to log into my student account immediately after submission.  I agree that I will need to pay the fees I have elected to have added to my account within 2-3 business days and if I do not, I may access a billing fee and or a late payment fee.
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Elect to Pay - Texas Tech University System