Credit Card Service Fee

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is committed to providing students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses. For many years, we have accepted credit cards as a form of payment, and as a result, have paid the associated processing charges imposed by credit card companies on those transactions. As the use of credit cards for making payments has increased, the transactions fees assessed have become extremely expensive for the university. Therefore, a service fee on credit card transactions in the amount of 3% ($3 minimum service fee) of the credit card payment will be charged by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center's third party processor, Touchnet PayPath®.

A service fee program will be implemented beginning April 3, 2017 and will apply to student account payments made via credit card on or after that date.

The university will continue to provide the following payment methods that will not incur the service fee:

  • Debit Cards or E-Checks
  • Paper Checks
  • Cash
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Traveler's Checks and
  • Business Checks

Read a Message regarding the upcoming changes from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Penny Harkey.

If you have any questions about this change or any of the payment options available, please contact

More Information

What credit cards are accepted at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for student account payments?

TTUHSC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Beginning April 3, 2017, credit cards may only be used to pay student accounts through the online eBill portal. Credit card payments made by telephone or at Student Business Services will no longer be an available option.

Is there a way I can avoid paying a service fee?

Yes. You may avoid the 3% service fee by paying online using an electronic/web check or debit card. You may also mail a check to

Student Business Services
PO Box 5868
Lubbock, TX 79408

Or visit us in person at 6630 South Loop 289 and Quaker Avenue, Suite H (as mentioned above, credit cards will no longer be accepted at the office of Student Business Services). Please remember to include the student ID number on all checks.

NOTE: Mailed payments must reach Student Business Services at least 24 hours in advance of the payment deadline to ensure adequate time for processing.

Is the service fee refundable?

No. The service fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited, or charged back.

If I use my debit card to pay my student account charges, will I be charged a service fee?

No, as long as you choose the debit card payment option within the online eBill portal, bank-issued debit cards will not be subject to the 3% fee.

Will I be able to schedule payments using my credit card as a saved payment method?

No. Beginning April 3, 2017, students and authorized users will no longer have the ability to schedule payments or save credit card information as this payment type now uses a separate third party processor.

Will the service fee that I am charged be included on my student account breakdown and statement?

No. The service fee is a fee assessed by our third party processor, Touchnet PayPath®, in addition to the payment for student accounts. The service fee will not appear on your student account or on your Student Account statement. You will receive notification that the online payment was processed successfully, and it will show the amount of payment, the amount of service fee, and the total payment amount. TTUHSC does not receive any of the proceeds from the application of this fee.

How will my student account payment and service fee payment appear on my credit card statement?

Two separate transactions will appear on your credit card statement. One transaction for the student account payment and one transaction for the service fee.

Are other Universities charging a service fee for credit card transactions?

Yes. Credit card service fees are not unique to TTUHSC. Many other schools in the state of Texas charge service fees for credit card transactions. In a 2016 tuition payment survey published by the Wall Street Journal, 86% of Public Schools assessed a service fee on credit card transactions.