Payment Policy

Failure to make payment by the established due dates may result in cancellation of registration or may result in a transcript/diploma hold. Students who choose the payment option or who incur incidental fees during the semester must make full payment by the established due dates or be prohibited from registering for future terms or may result in a transcript/diploma hold until full payment is made. A student who is not 100% paid prior to the end of the term may be denied credit for course work completed that semester or term and have a hold placed on their account that restrict future registration and may restrict transcripts or diploma requests.

All students are required to complete a Student Financial Agreement each semester for classes at the TTUHSC. See HSC OP 77.10 Failure to complete this form may result in the cancellation of registration.

Fee Payment

Payment must be made prior to the first class day. Payment must reach the TTUHSC Student Business Services Office by close of business on the due date. Cancellation for non-payment will occur after close of business on the established cancellation date.

Tuition and fees may be paid using one of the following options:

Option 1: Payment of the total amount due (cash, check, credit card, 100% financial aid).
Option 2: Payment option plan (not available for all summer terms).
Option 3: Short-term emergency loan (tuition and fees only).

Payment Option Plan (Option 2)

Texas State Law (Texas Education Code, Section 54.007a) allows students to pay tuition, fees, housing, and dining in installments over the course of the semester.

A $25 billing fee is assessed to all students electing to pay by the installment payment plan. The $25 billing fee must accompany the first installment due for tuition and fees. Subsequent installments must be made in accordance with the due dates established for the particular semester and school of enrollment. Payment option plans are not available for all terms. Payment Information (link)

Students may take actions which increase or change their account balance due, including, but not limited to: course add/drop (including additional course fees), return of financial aid loans, and other miscellaneous activities. Students must pay any increased amount due within two (2) business days to maintain an account in good standing. Failure to make payment can result in billing and or late fees being applied to accounts. Please check account information via the Web to ensure compliance with the terms of the agreement.

Short-Term Emergency Loan (Option 3)

Students may request a Short-Term Emergency Loan for 100% payment of tuition and fees. Students should contact the TTUHSC Financial Aid Office at (806)743-3025 for additional information regarding application and loan requirements Short Term Loan Applications.


Billings will be emailed to all preregistered students approximately two weeks prior to the due date. Students registering after preregistration or those making changes to their billing after the initial billing has been emailed need to check their balances online at MyTech. Please keep addresses current.  All billing notifications will be delivered via the TTUHSC assigned e-mail address.

General Payment Information

Payment can be made as follows:

  • In Person. Students may pay in cash at the HSC Student Business Services Office or by personal check, cashier's check, money order. Checks should be made payable to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. All payments made other than cash are subject to final acceptance for payment.
  • Mail. Cash should not be sent through the mail, and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center accepts no responsibility for cash sent by mail. Payments should be mailed to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Student Business Services, PO Box 5868, Lubbock, Texas 79408. Payments should be mailed far enough in advance so as to reach Student Business Services by the due date.
  • Web Credit Card / Debit Card or E-Check Payments. Pay online at MyTech (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, or Check). Payments by Credit Card will result in a services fee of 3% ($3 minimum). No fee is added for Electronic Check or Debit Card.

Account Information. Tuition and fee information can be obtained online at the following: MyTech. The student's eRaider user ID and password is required to view this information.

Late Payment Fee. A $50 per due date fee will be charged the first working day after the university-established due date. Postmarks will not be considered in assessing this charge.

Late Registration Fee. A $50 fee will be charged to registrations after classes have begun. This includes re-registration and re-enrollment in the event of cancellation.

Returned Check Charge. A $30 charge will be assessed for each check returned from the bank unpaid. A returned check for initial payment of tuition and fees may result in cancellation of enrollment. Responsibility rests with the student regardless of the maker of the check.

Reinstatement Fee. A $200 fee will be charged for registering, re-registering, or re-enrolling after the 20th class day (15th class day in summer). The amount of the reinstatement fee is subject to change by action of the Board of Regents without prior notice.