Contacts & Resource Responsibilities

As an efficiency driven department, Purchasing prides itself in maintaining highly cross-trained individuals to assist the institutional users, however process benefits can be gained from general specializations. The following breakdown of Purchasing staff may assist you in reaching out the best contact for your particular inquiry. REMEMBER: The Purchasing e-mail inbox ( is constantly monitored and ensures your message will be read. When trying to reach a specific Purchasing staff member, be aware the individual may be unavailable to immediately respond.

Department Address



3601 4th Street STOP 9021
Lubbock, TX 79430-9021

6630 S. Quaker Ave., Suite 200
Lubbock, TX 79413
Phone: (806) 743-7841
Fax: (806) 743-9986

Department Directory




John Haynes
Managing Director
Departmental Direction
Final Approval

John Rodriguez
Section Manager

Issue Resolution
Buyer Oversight
Complex Solicitations

Hayden Vest
Section Manager

Systems Administration

Sylvia Bradley
Sr. Purchaser
Information Technology / Communications
Moving / Relocation
Facilitates HUB Activities

Linda Anderson
Senior Analyst

Vendor Team
New Vendor Set-Up

Aimee Gossett
Analyst II

Vendor Team
New Vendor Set-Up