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HUB (Historically Underutilized Business)

How do I request a New Vendor Set-Up in TechBuy?

How do I make a purchase as an employee or agent of TTUHSC?



What is a HUB?
A HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) is a for-profit business of an owner residing in the State of Texas that is at least 51 percent owned by a person or persons who has been historically underutilized because of their identification as an African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American, Non-Minority Woman or certified Disabled Veteran.

How Do I Know If a Vendor Is a Certified HUB Business?
The State Comptroller’s website maintains a searchable database of all registered HUB businesses. The HUB Directory Search is located at: and can be searched by vendor name or business category. A HUB Directory Search Tips link is available on the site to help you with your search.

Why Is Purchasing From a HUB Vendor Important to My Department?
In accordance with Texas Administrative code Title 34 TAC §20.13, TTUHSC shall make a good faith effort to utilize HUBs in contracts for construction, services (including professional and consulting services) and commodities purchases. State appropriations (funds), for TTUHSC, are in part dependent upon us meeting HUB procurement percentage goals set in the Texas Administrative code mentioned above.

Where Can I See the Amounts and Percentages of HUB Expenditures For My Funds?
To see the expenditure amount and percentage of total purchases that are from HUB vendors go to Cognos > HSC Finance > HUB and run any of the “HUB Summary by…” reports.

Why Aren’t All of My Expenditures On the HUB Reports?
The HUB reports show only the portion of your expenditures that is required HUB reportable spend. Not all expenditures are included in the state’s targeted list. Some of the excluded expenditures are:

  • Rentals and Leases
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Food and Entertainment
  • Coffee and Soft Drinks
  • Flowers
  • Collection Agency Fees
  • Utilities
  • Travel
  • Bottled Water and Services
  • Approved Club Fees
  • Patient Study Costs
  • Charitable Contributions

More Information?
HUB Program.

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New Vendor Set-Up

How Do I Request a New Vendor Set-Up in TechBuy?
Vendor information can manually be entered on the TechBuy forms: Direct Pay, Non-Catalog and Standing Order. Once submitted, the requisition containing the form will be routed to the Vendor Team for review and set-up. Requesting departments can also refer a new vendor to the “New Vendor Setup Form” and the “Direct Deposit Form”. A completed New Vendor Setup Form is required before a purchase order can be issued. The Direct Deposit Form is optional but TTUHSC prefers that vendors complete this form also.

More Information?
New Vendor Setup Form with W-9 Information, Direct Deposit Form for Existing Vendors

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Purchasing Options

How Do I Make a Purchase as an Employee or Agent of TTUHSC?
There are three generally approved processes for making purchases as an employee or agent of TTUHSC. Each process was specifically designed for order processing efficiency, legal protection, and compliance.

  • Procurement Card (PCard)
  • TechBuy Direct Pay
  • TechBuy Purchase Order

More Information?
Purchasing Options

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