Suggestions for Getting Started

Acquaint yourself with the Purchasing Department;
understand their role and how they can help.

The Purchasing Department is a resource to support your efforts. We recommend making an appointment to speak with a member of our staff so that we can best understand your business and try to provide helpful leads. To do this, call 806-743-7841 or e-mail and explain that you are new to doing business with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and would like to have an introductory conversation with a manager.

Also, please consider registering at the Texas Comptroller's web site to be notified of bids and other communications. The registration process is quick and easy, please visit:

Additionally, TTUHSC actively posts links to current solicitations at the following locations:

Do your homework: identify which departments on campus buy what you sell.

The size and diversity at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center can be overwhelming to newcomers. In order to save you time and frustration, we encourage you to spend some time researching exactly which campus(es) and departments buy what you're selling.

TTUHSC Directory:


Dallas/Fort Worth:
Permian Basin:

If your business qualifies, get certified through the State's HUB Program.

Basic eligibility requirements for these programs are found on the Texas Comptroller's web site ( State HUB Certification will help open doors for your business to sell products and services at TTUHSC. Specifically, your company's name will be added to the State's list that is used regularly by TTUHSC departments (and other State and public agencies) seeking to do business with HUB firms. State Certification is important to TTUHSC because it enables us to measure the diversity of our supplier pool by tracking dollars we spend with qualifying firms.