The receiving task is of upmost importance to the integrity of the vendor payment process. When the good or service is received/performed, a TechBuy receipt is appropriate validation to allow for payment. Individuals entering receipt information hold the essential responsibility or verifying that the product or service is accurate to ordered quantity and quality and received into the possession of TTUHSC. The outline below provides some quick guidelines on how receipts are entered into the TechBuy system.

Creating Receiving Receipts in TechBuy: Step-by-Step instructions

Creating Receiving Receipts in TechBuy: Quick Overview (see below)

Be sure to enter the actual date the items and/or services were received in the "Receipt Date" field.
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It is very important to enter the correct date in this field. If it is left blank, the date will default to the day the receipt was created.
When creating receiving receipts in TechBuy, be sure to select “remove line” for the item(s) on the PO that have not yet been received.
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If items not received are not removed when creating a receipt, all items will appear as "received" and payment will process for all items.

Contact if a receiving receipt needs to be reopened to be modified or deleted.

If you or someone in your department would like additional training after reviewing the Receiving Training Tutorial below, contact Accounts Payable.

The Receiving Training Tutorial can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

TechBuy Receiving