External Agencies

Heartland ESCI

Student Perkins Loan Account - Check your current balance, manage your account, and access forms for deferment, forbearance, or cancellation.
Student Account Information - https://borrower.ecsi.net/
Forms - https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/access/entitlementFormPages

Outside Collection Agencies

TTUHSC SBS will report any delinquent account balances to a collection agency of our choice when there is no response to delinquent notices or no payments have been made to pay the account in full.

TTUHSC SBS makes every effort to collect debts with former students prior to making the reference to a collection agency.

If you have been contacted by a collection agency, please click the link below to get the latest account information.

Williams & Fudge Inc.

(800) 849-9791