Policy for returned or disputed payments (paper checks, web checks, and credit/debit cards)

Students must meet all financial responsibilities due to the University. Financial irresponsibility may subject the student to additional fees, fines, suspension of check writing and cashing privileges, denial or cancellation of registration, withholding of grades and transcripts and possible adjudication under the Code of Student Conduct. The writing of checks, both paper and electronic, on accounts with insufficient funds, as well as the issuance of stop pays or fraudulent credit card chargebacks is considered a lack of financial responsibility.

Generally, failure to meet financial obligations to the University may result in:

  • Cancellation of the student's registration if tuition and registration fees are not paid by the dates provided by Student Business Services or if a returned check, cancelled check, or disputed credit card charge is given in payment of tuition and fees is not redeemed by that time.
  • Possible criminal prosecution for writing insufficient fund checks.
  • A hold preventing future registration placed on a student's academic records.
  • A hold on receiving official University transcripts until the obligation is paid.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds, Student Business Services will generally assume the error was an honest mistake. As such, the student has five (5) business days to rectify the account and provide an alternate method of payment. If a student has had three or more checks returned, Student Business Services will place a hold on the student account that restricts the student from making payment via personal check or web-check for all future payments.  Payments will need to be made via cashier's checks, money orders, credit card, or cash.  All return checks are charged a $30 return check fee.

In the event that a stop pay is issued or a fraudulent credit card dispute is filed, the student has two (2) business days to rectify the account and provide an alternate method of payment.

Under the scenarios outlined above, if the account balance is not satisfied within the prescribed timeframe, the student's registration will be subject to immediate cancellation. A reinstatement request will not be issued until the account balance, including any late fees and reinstatement fees, is paid in full utilizing certified funds (cashier's checks, money orders, or cash).