Third Party Sponsored Billing

Student Business Services Third Party Process

Purpose: To set an efficient and proper process for Third Party Sponsorships in order to successfully meet state mandates and educational codes for tuition and fee payments. Third Parties are individuals or sponsors taking responsibility for a student's tuition and fee account. THIRD PARTIES DO NOT INCLUDE PARENTS OR OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. In order for a student to be claimed for formula funding purposes they must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Paid in full (matriculated) to the percentage mandated by Texas Educational Code 54.007
  2. Have confirmed financial aid in sufficient amount so as to allow a flag to be placed on their tuition and fee account
  3. Have a valid third party contract in place between the responsible agencies on behalf of the student and TTUHSC certifying that payment will be forthcoming in a sufficient amount so as to pay the student account as required by the statutes

The academic record, and subsequently the tuition and fee record, is the property of the student, and the student, by state definition, is responsible to ensure payment is made in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in the Education Code. In the case of a third party student, they cannot remove themselves from the responsibility of payment of their tuition and fees. Using a third party to pay does not extend the tuition and fee payment time as far as statute is concerned. Therefore, the necessary information must be provided to SBS prior to the first due date of each term. Student Business Services reserves the right not to accept Third Party contracts after the 12th class day for fall/spring or 4th class day for 8 week or summer terms. The student must provide Student Business Services with the following information:

  1. Voucher specifying what is going to be paid
  2. Contact person for third party
  3. Billing address, email and phone number
  4. Billing requirements of third party
  5. Signed third party contract by student and third party sponsor. (*if third party provides voucher or P.O. they will not have to sign TTUHSCHSC contract, just student)
  6. TGTP students sign contract for each term
  7. Payment for fees not covered by third party (**only balance remaining on account should be what student anticipates third party will pay**)

For audit, funding and cancellation purposes this information must be on file in Student Business Services.


Student accounts coded with a third party will be billed after the 12th class day in fall and spring and the 4th class day in 8 week or summer terms. This provides the student the option to add/drop as necessary for the semester. This also allows a single and concise bill to be sent to the third party agencies. There will be no early bills processed to avoid scholarships, financial aid, or graduate fee waivers from appearing on the statement. Each third party on file in SBS will be billed by the Third Party Analyst. The requirements of a third party will be included in a cover letter that will accompany the detailed bills or vouchers for the TTUHSC student. If a third party requires a copy of the student schedule, Texas Tech University is allowed to release this information according to the TTUHSC third party agreement signed by the student. If a third party requires grades, the student will be responsible for releasing the grades to their third party. If a student has turned in a third party contract, we ask that they do not bill their third party themselves. For sound auditing purposes the bills must be sent by SBS. Also, sending more than one invoice to the third party increases the potential for errors and may delay payment to the university. Once billed, most third parties take 4 to 8 weeks to process payments. Students may check their accounts on the eBill website to view the status of their account. If SBS is notified by a sponsor of exact charges that will be paid, the credit will be placed on student account before payment is actually received. If the actual payment received from the sponsor does not match the posted credits, the student account will be adjusted accordingly, and the student will be responsible for any balance due. Students will be notified by eBill of any outstanding balances. Third party sponsored students not paid in full will be subject to late fees and registration/transcript holds. It is understood that third party payments may not be received by the end of the academic term, however all statutes still remain in effect for these accounts. SBS will work with holds and late fees on a case-by-case basis. No third party students will be sent to outside collections unless multiple attempts have been made to collect funds. Third party sponsored students who are no longer enrolled at TTUHSC will be sent to collections. It is at the discretion of SBS to hold a student from going to collections. The student and third party must provide confirmation that payment will be processed.

Example of third party sponsors:

Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (Formerly Texas Tomorrow Fund)
Texas Workforce (Formerly DARS)
Foreign Governments and Agencies

Contact Third Party:

Student Business Services
Phone: 806-743-7867 Option 2
Fax: 806-743-7873

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Sara Henly
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