Steps to set up Direct Deposit

  • You must have a current address on file to receive any payments from TTUHSC.
  • Sign in to with your eRaider to update your address or bank information
  • Update your banking information at the My Direct Deposit link under Student Account
  • Your address on file will show directly below your name
  • To change your address, close out of My Direct Deposit and go back on webraider and select Update Addresses and Phones under Personal Information-Return to My Direct Deposit by clicking the link from Webraider
  • An error will appear if the Bank Routing number is invalid
  • Click Save
  • Click eRaider Sign Out, Log out of webraider and close your browser
  • ACH verification can take up to 4 days after this initial sign up before refunds can be processed You can update or inactivate your ACH account information at any time