Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (Texas Tomorrow Fund / TGTP)

Students utilizing the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan program are required to sign a TGTP Billing Authorization Form and provide an Account Summary of their TGTP account EACH TERM they would like to use the benefit at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. The student is required to pay course tuition and fees, and any other additional fees not covered by TGTP or enroll in a payment plan by the due date each semester. If the above measures are not met by the student by the due dates specified for each term, the student will be subject to the normal cancellation process, late fees, and/or  billing fees.


Two pieces of information must be submitted to Student Business Services for each term you wish to utilize a TGTP account:

  1. TGTP Billing Authorization form
  2. Account Summary indicating available credit hours, fee terms and plan type.

Completed forms may be faxed to (806) 743-7873, emailed to 3rdpartysbs@ttuhsc.edu, or mailed to our office at Student Business Services, Box 5868 Lubbock, TX, 79408 Attention: Third Party Analyst. If you have any questions please call 806-743-7867.

Texas Tuition Promise Fund requires the purchaser or student to fill out the "Transfer Value Payment Authorization Form" each semester requesting payment to be sent to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. If you do this electronically, you will need to forward us the confirmation email you receive from TTPF after submitting your request.  If you choose to submit the request with a paper copy, we will need a copy of the filled out form. This submittal form can be found at - https://www.texastuitionpromisefund.com/tips-tools/forms-materials/