Refund Policy

At some point in your college career, Health Sciences Center may owe you money if you:

  • Have money left over from financial aid
  • Receive a scholarship
  • Overpay tuition
  • Drop a class or a class is cancelled
  • Have a credit balance after application of waivers/exemptions

Refunds are processed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by Student Business Services with a few exceptions. To expedite refund availability, students are encouraged to go to the student portal ( to enroll in My Direct Deposit to receive funds electronically (ACH) instead of by check in the mail. Students must have an active local or mailing address in the TTUHSC system for any refund (ACH or check) to be issued. It is the student's responsibility to maintain a correct active address with TTUHSC to ensure receipt of payments from TTUHSC. How to Set Up your Direct Deposit

Financial aid or general refunds cannot be used to pay for more than $200.00 of a past academic year balance that may be outstanding. Any refunds may be held until all previous balances are paid in full. Some types of financial aid can only be used to pay for certain charges. Therefore, you may receive a refund even if you have outstanding charges on your student account. If a balance remains on your account after you receive a financial aid refund, you are responsible for paying it in full on time each semester.  Please review your student account frequently throughout each term for balances owed.

Parent Refunds

Parent Plus loan refunds will be mailed to the parent address that is on the file with the office of Student Financial Aid. ACH is not available for Parent Plus refunds to the parent. Parent Plus loans are processed for the full amount of the loan, tuition and fees are not paid through the loan. It is the responsibility of the parent / student to make payment if the loan was intended for tuition and fees.


Refund Policies for Tuition & Fees for Withdrawal or Dropped Courses

Texas Education Code, Section 54.006, provides the amount of tuition and fees to be refunded to students who drop courses or withdraw from the institution.

Please refer to Drop and Withdraw Dates for specific dates

Title IV Return of Aid
Students who withdraw from TTUHSC or drop all courses during a term that receive(d) financial aid
It's important for students who receive financial aid and withdraw or drop all courses during the term to be aware of the refund policies and to understand the impact they will have on the aid released and the continued financial aid eligibility. Current refund policies for students who withdraw or drop all courses during a term are determined by the Higher Education Title IV refund regulations.

Federal Refund and Repayment calculations must be performed for students who receive Title IV (Pell, FSEOG, Perkins and/or Stafford Loans) funds and officially withdraw from all courses, drop out of all courses, are expelled, take an unapproved leave of absence, or fail to return from an approved leave of absence prior to the 60%
date of the term. All "unearned aid" must be returned to the federal aid programs as determined by the Federal Refund and Repayment calculations.

a. The requirements for Title IV program funds are separate from the university refund policy. As such, you are responsible for unpaid institutional charges remaining after the refund calculation. You are also responsible for charges/balances created by the returning of Title IV program funds that the school was required to return.

b. If you have questions about your Title IV program funds, you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FEDAID (1-800-433-3243).

TTY users may call 1-800-730-8913. Information is also available on Student Aid on the Web at

In order to keep all the financial aid issued in each term, students must be enrollment for at least 60% of the term. After this point in the term students have earned 100% of the Title IV funds released for the term. Therefore, it is in your best interest to maintain attendance and complete at least one class each term that you receive federal aid to avoid repayment of funds

How the calculation works:

  1. Number of days attended ÷ Days in semester = % of semester completed
  2. Total $ disbursed X % completed = Earned $
  3. Total $ disbursed - Earned $ = $ to be returned

Once it is determined that you owe money back to any of the federal aid programs, you will be ineligible to receive further federal aid at TTUHSC or any other institution, until this debt is cleared.