Contracts and Sourcing Projects

The TTUHSC Purchasing Office continually analyzes institutional buying patterns and takes action to both maintain compliance with Texas procurement code while striving for the delivery of best value product and vendor selection. Contracting and sourcing initiatives are ongoing and ever changing. Do not hesitate to bring potential purchase requests to Purchasing's attention. In many cases contracts may already exist with a particular vendor or within a commodity product / service type resulting in an expedited path to purchase, and often with more advantageous legal protections.

Although TTUHSC actively solicits products and services of various types unilaterally, the breadth and scope of requirements to operate regionally located medical schools and clinics is wide and difficult to standardize. As a result, it is TTUHSC's practice to look for competitively awarded contracts through Group Purchasing Organizations and Cooperatives to which it is a party.

The GPO tool below has been developed and can provide shoppers with information on available contracts.

  1. GPO Contracts (access required)
    GPO / COOP contract search for established contracts that meet Texas Procurement Code requirements and TTUHSC Purchasing Processes. Over 30,000 searchable contracts exist that TTUHSC shoppers could potentially utilize. To gain access please contact Purchasing at