Vendor Set-Up Resources

The TTUHSC vendor database contains thousands of records, however, there will always be instances where a new vendor is selected for an institutional purchase transaction. When such an instance arises, the TTUHSC Vendor Team is available to assist. In the case of Techbuy, vendor information can be provided in a manual fashion within the system vendor fields. Such orders flow to the team for review and action to properly set-up the vendor in the TTUHSC systems that issue and pay for orders.

Although the TTUHSC Vendor Team is tasked with end to end vendor set-up responsibilities, requesting departments can expedite the process by referring a new vendor to the forms below and providing the completed forms with order submission in the TechBuy System. When departments are providing/forwarding the completed forms the department is required to provide supporting documentation (typically in the form of an email or letter) showing the request and completed forms came from the vendor.

New Vendor Setup Form with W-9 Information

Direct Deposit Form for Existing Vendors (optional vendor preference)

On occasions where the selected vendor operates as a sole proprietor and is providing a service to TTUHSC, the TTU System Tax Office will require the completion of an Independent Contract Questionnaire (ICQ) with signature from both the vendor as well as the TTUHSC Account Manager authorizing the transaction. Again this form should be completed and attached to the submission in the TechBuy System. The purpose of the ICQ is to establish whether a worker is considered an employee or and independent contractor, in compliance with federal regulations relating to payment for services rendered. The ICQ must be completed by all individuals and businesses operated as a sole proprietorship and that provide services to TTUHSC.

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

In the event a vendor is simply inquiring as to how best to do business with the institution, TTUHSC Purchasing has produced the following document to assist vendors in exploring available paths to that end. Please feel free to provide this link or document as appropriate.

Doing Business with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center