Purchasing Contracts and Templates

In essentially all cases, a purchasing transaction culminates in a contract. In the vast majority of cases the contract is the Purchase Order issued through the TechBuy system. However, there are situations where a vendor or a Texas state regulation requires something additional to be physically signed.

The TTUHSC Purchasing Office is your resource in negotiating and executing a purchase related contract document. There is a very limited group of TTUHSC employee designees that can sign on behalf of the institution. If you do not have delegated authority to sign on behalf of the institution, DO NOT SIGN CONTRACT DOCUMENTS.

It can often be helpful to present vendors with our standard terms and conditions should they be requested.

TTUHSC Standard Terms and Conditions

PO Terms and Conditions

In the event a vendor requests execution of a simple contract document, and the vendor's document contains legal terms and conditions, consider asking them to review and sign the TTUHSC standard addendum and submit along with the contract to TTUHSC Purchasing. This can expedite the approval process.

TTUHSC Standard Contract Addendum

Contract Addendum

The TTUHSC Purchasing Office in coordination with TTUHSC General Counsel, maintains several contract templates that are the preferred form of complex purchasing transactions within the institution. Please contact TTUHSC Purchasing should contracts involving any of the following be required:

  • TTUHSC Lease of Space Agreement - FMV Revision
  • TTUHSC Lease of Space - Amendment and Extension
  • TTUHSC Solicitation Award Agreement
  • TTUHSC Professional Services Agreement - Other (Project Specific)
  • TTUHSC Professional Services Agreement - Architect
  • TTUHSC Professional Services Agreement - Engineering
  • TTUHSC Collections Agreement
  • TTUHSC Equipment Lease Agreement
  • TTUHSC Search Firm Agreement